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Dear friends,

To the many persecuted believers in Nigeria, Vietnam and India this is a crucial time. They are facing increasing pressure from those who are enemies of our faith.

Bibles and Rice is a campaign to first feed their hunger for God’s Word and then to provide them with sustenance, so they can live. This campaign will deliver Bibles in their respective native language together with high-quality rice. Our aim is to provide Bibles to as many families as possible in the countries we are targeting.

Every dollar raised will go towards this campaign.

Learning with an empty stomach is difficult for most of us, let alone when that learning needs to be carried out in secret for fear of reprisal.

The countries we are targeting at this time are not unique. On many of our trips to persecuted believers around the world we are always asked to provide more of God’s Word. It is often disturbing to consider that we, with an abundance of Bibles and free access to God’s Word, do not hold it as dear as those in persecuted nations who treasure it like it were gold!

In Nigeria, rice is a delicacy and in Vietnam ─ having lived there ─ obtaining good quality rice is difficult. Many believers in India are either prevented from buying rice and other daily essentials by their persecutors or simply do not have the means to do so. Together with your help, Bibles and Rice will provide this much needed necessity to the believers we serve.

My prayer is that their cries for Bibles and Rice will motivate you as it has us to do our very best to meet this increasing need for THE LIVING WORD and the sustenance for living, enabling these persecuted believers to learn, enjoy and grow from it.

Thank you for your continued support of the work done for the persecuted church.

Tony Benjamin

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