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Danjuma Shakaru was thought to be dead after being brutally attacked by Islamic insurgents in his Nigerian village just three years ago, but now he recounts the story and calls himself a miracle.

At just 13, Danjuma was awoken at 6am by gunshots as insurgents raided his Christian village. He was severely injured by attackers with a machete as they cut out his eye, left arm and genitals. When villagers saw his body, they assumed he was going to die and began digging him a grave but, to their surprise, he survived the attack.

Although his memories of the attack are incomplete, one thing he’ll never forget is the pain caused by the machete slicing through the left side of his head. The rest of the attack, by God’s grace, he doesn’t recall.

Danjuma now calls himself a miracle. Although he was left blind, Danjuma went on to recover and during recovery, nurses often remarked on his joyful smile.

Danjuma is now in his second year at a school for the blind. According to the school’s director, he is a “fast learner and very intelligent” and he still walks around with that joyful smile.

We originally told Danjuma’s story in October 2015; this is the most recent update.

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