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At just 15 years old, Egyptian born Meriam first experienced persecution for her faith, after her family discovered she converted from Islam to Christianity.

Meriam was just three years old when she was left without a mother after her parents divorced. Meriam’s mother discovered that her husband had converted to Christianity and after telling her family, they insisted she get a divorce.

Meriam’s father was able to take her with him and the two of them left the family home to move in with her grandmother. Eventually, because he shared his faith often, Meriam and her grandmother became Christians too.

In January this year, Meriam’s extended family found out she had also converted so they came to her home and demanded that she renounce Christianity. Meriam refused to deny her faith and told them she loves Jesus and would remain a Christian. Her uncles then began to torture her, beating her repeatedly by pinning her to the ground by her head and repeatedly kicking her.

Meriam and her father were then forced to escape their hometown and are now in hiding in Cairo from his family, as he fears they may return to kill her.

Despite her questions and fear, Meriam refuses to deny Jesus and is continuing her life in God. Since that day, Meriam and her father are rebuilding their lives together and she is now receiving psychological treatment.

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