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Thanks to the generous response of our supporters, over 4707 Christian families struggling with spiritual and physical hunger were blessed through Bibles Plus in 2014!

We were able to distribute these Bible Plus packs in China, Nepal, India and Central Asia, much to the delight of the recipients. Each pack contained a Bible plus food staples such as rice, noodles and oil that we estimate would feed a family of four for about a fortnight. Some recipients were also able to receive a blanket or mat through opportunities to purchase them very cost effectively.

For persecuted Christians, pressure from economic hardship is intensified by scarce Christian resources and intense persecution from authorities and neighbours. Crops have been stolen or deliberately destroyed; homes and livelihoods burned to the ground; and Christian families forced to flee their villages in fear for their lives. This is the dilemma – sometimes daily – for many persecuted Christians throughout the world.

Will you consider giving a persecuted Christian family food for their soul and body by sponsoring a Bibles Plus pack today?

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“My family is deeply thankful to the Lord, and to the sponsor who helped us. We received your special gift, which helped my family so much … to overcome the famine and thirst for God’s Word. We would like God to bless you and your family with overflowing grace,” Phoi, a Vietnamese Christian.