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Kamea is a 12-year-old Christian girl from Laos. Her father has been imprisoned twice for sharing the Gospel. Find out how Christmas Care blessed Kamea and her family.

Kamea’s Story

This year Voice of the Martyrs Australia will deliver Christmas Care packs to Christian children in Laos whose families are struggling with poverty and persecution. Through Christmas Care you can share the hope of the season with children on the front lines.

Children like 12-year-old Kamea, whose father, Pastor Bounme, has been imprisoned twice for sharing the Gospel. She cried when she watched the authorities take her Dad away. Kamea prayed every night for him to be released from prison. She missed him so much!

“God’s Word helped me learn to trust the Lord for my father’s safety and health in prison,” Kamea said.

Kamea was not allowed to visit her Dad while he was in prison, but she was encouraged when she heard that God was looking after him and that he wanted to know all about her and how she was growing in her faith. Then one day Kamea received a wonderful surprise. Her Dad came home. “I was so happy! God answered my prayers.”

Our project officer said, “There are many poor families where our ministry is set up to help those persecuted for their faith. Children have little in the form of gifts as most of the income for the family is spent on putting food on the table. Many children go to school without lunch. Some don’t have even a pencil and the parents often sacrifice much to help their children have education.

“It is hard for parents to purchase a gift for their child … Many children have to help in the fields with their family at an early age. Christmas Care gifts are a reminder that believers have not forgotten them.

Christmas Care Laos

You can bless persecuted Christian children like Kamea by donating to Christmas Care. Your generous gift of $25 will sponsor a Christmas Care pack for a child like Kamea. Each pack contains two Gospel storybooks, school supplies, school uniform, lollies, toiletries and a toy. The pack also includes 1kg of sugar for the children to give to their parents to make a special Christmas treat.

Please bring joy to children of the persecuted church in Laos by sponsoring a $25 Christmas Care pack today. Donate now.

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