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Do you realise how much of an impact your practical giving makes to a believer in a restricted nation?

During late December 2015, when I was in Vietnam, I was able to bring some practical gifts that were sent to our office by some of our talented supporters who are knitters, card writers and embroiderers. They provided us with handmade teddy bears, sweaters and hats for babies, a magnificent homemade quilt and some beautiful cards that contained verses from the Bible and personal words of encouragement. I was able to get them all packed up in Ho Chi Minh City and sent directly to our contact in the Central Highlands to distribute to the needy believers in their district.

This was their reply when they received these gifts. “I am happy and joyful when I received your gifts during this Christmas time. It moved me to tears as they were so lovely and thoughtful.

“I really feel deep in my heart to thank you for the way in which you show your love to my family and the believers in our community. This love tells me we are one family in Christ. You show so much concern for us mountain people by sending these gifts to us, to the children, to the orphans and to the sick lying in bed with difficult problems. May God bless you abundantly.”

We are so encouraged by the way in which you are able to express your love, through the gifts God has given you, by producing these beautiful craft items which have touched the hearts of the believers in Vietnam. We want to say thank you for your expression of love towards those less fortunate and we pray that others may be encouraged, as we are, by the acts of kindness of our supporters.

During the 2015 Christmas period our contacts not only distributed these handmade items, but also distributed a number of Bibles Plus packs to people hungry for the Word of God. The sick, orphans and children were blessed by this distribution. All the Christians who received the Bibles Plus packs said that “this Christmas was very special because they have received the greetings from you, the foreigner.” We thank God for your valued partnership in this ministry.