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Sanju, a young Indian woman of 25, grew up as a Hindu. Her husband has opposed her new Christian faith since she accepted Christ. With no money of her own, she had asked her husband to buy her a Bible, but “he verbally abused me for wanting a Bible and being a Christian,” she said.

In addition to being angry about her faith, Sanju’s husband was deeply angry with her because she hadn’t provided him with children. “When you give me a child, then I’ll get you a Bible,” he told her. It was almost as if he were challenging God to give him what he wanted. He refused to provide for the wife who was ‘shaming’ him by not bearing children. Sanju’s in-laws also pressured her to provide them with a grandchild, blaming her inability to do so on her foreign beliefs.

But Sanju was faithful to Christ. She continued to pray for her husband and gently show him her faith. Eventually, Sanju’s husband decided to join her at church one day. During the service, Sanju asked the church to pray that she might be able to have a child. Though she didn’t know it, her pastor had arranged to give everyone in the church a Bible from VOM that same day.

Sanju was thrilled to receive her own Bible that day, and she was equally thrilled that her husband got to see how God had provided her with the Bible she so wanted. “Today the Lord has gifted me with a free Bible,” she told VOM workers. “I am going to tell my in-laws that though my husband would not help me, God gave me a Bible.” She hopes her Bible will be a testimony to both her husband and her in-laws that all things are possible with God. ‘It also gives me hope that if God was pleased to answer my prayers for a Bible, He will also answer my prayers for a child,” she said.

Thank you to all who have partnered with Voice of the Martyrs to take God’s Word to Sanju and more than two million others. God’s Word does not return void, and we know it will make an eternal difference in the lives of those living in hostile and restricted nations.