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Thirteen Three is off to a big start and we hope you can partner with us in supporting persecuted Christians and mobilising young Australians to be Bound With Them!

Listed below are the Thirteen Three initiatives we are organising this year. Please contact us if you would like further information.

Thirteen Three would love to come and speak at your youth group, school or church.

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ReleaseHomeButton2Imagine growing up being told that you live in the wealthiest country in the world, when in actual fact you are living in the most oppressive one.

This is what it means to live in North Korea.

Yet many North Koreans are being RELEASED even while under this oppression: they are finding out about the truth of Jesus.

In 2016, Thirteen Three’s Release events will focus on the oppression and atrocities occurring in North Korea and how people are finding Jesus.

Our prayer is that through your partnership we will raise $20,000 which will enable us to send 3,600 New Testaments plus Christian radio broadcasts into North Korea.

Find out more or register here and you’ll receive a free promo kit.

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ReleaseVideoCompetition-2You could win $250 for resources for your youth group!

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SponsorAStudentThirteen Three continues to support Bible college students in restricted countries to bring Jesus – the light of the world – into some of the darkest areas.

Be a part of this great ministry, receive further information click, start a regular giving plan or donate now.

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Sacrifice24Button2In 2016 it is our vision to see many young people demonstrate their willingness to raise awareness and support for our persecuted brothers and sisters.

3 June 2016 is Bound With Them day: a day when you give up something for 24 hours. Get your friends and family to support you and the money you raise will go to showing love, encouragement and support to persecuted Christians.

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