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2013 was a fantastic year for Thirteen Three. We have so much to thank God for! Read this exciting report on our Fearless event series and find out how youth responded to raise money for persecuted Christians in Nigeria.

2013 Fearless Events

Thirteen Three’s Fearless event series focused on raising awareness and funds for persecuted Christians in Nigeria. Over 2000 youth attended 9 events hosted by local churches across NSW. With their help we raised $16,000 to send Bibles Plus Boots packs to over 600 pastors serving the Lord in northern Nigeria.

Pastors in northern Nigeria walk many miles in the desert to share the Gospel in remote villages. They face the constant threat of violent persecution from Muslim extremists, but another serious threat is being bitten by poisonous snakes as they walk from village to village.

“These gumboots are lifesavers as they protect the pastors from snake bite,” said Jono Fox, VOM’s Youth Director. “I’m excited about Bibles Plus Boots because we’re equipping pastors with Bibles to save people’s lives eternally. But we’re also giving them a very practical tool that saves their lives on the journey. We cannot stop the persecution, but we can limit the other risks they face as they serve God.”

Jono Fox was the main speaker at the Fearless events and shared his first hand experiences meeting persecuted Christians from his trip to Nigeria earlier this year. “Many pastors I met in northern Nigeria are convinced God wants them to stay in the north to advance the Gospel,” Jono said. “They truly believe that ‘to live is Christ, and to die is gain’ (Philippians 1:21). The fearless faith of these Nigerian pastors continues to be an inspiration for me.”

At each event, a local youth pastor also gave a Bible talk on living fearlessly for Jesus. It was a privilege to partner with these youth pastors and hear them challenge Australian youth to take the Fearless pledge ‘ a commitment to pray for the persecuted church and to look for opportunities to share their faith.

What Youth Pastors Are Saying

“Fearless was a moment in the lives of 194 mid-North Coast youth where God grabbed their hearts and inspired them to be courageous for Jesus. In unity they prayed and gave generously and joyfully to the work of God in Nigeria and Australia. Again, our persecuted brothers and sisters blessed the next generation.” Ed Springer, The Point Community Church Port Macquarie

“It’s often hard to appreciate what the Bible means when it says ‘preach the Gospel fearlessly’ ‘ that is until you connect those verses with stories from the persecuted church. The Fearless night gave our youth a tangible example of how to live fearless lives here in Western Sydney.” Matt Spark, MBM Rooty Hill

“It was a powerful night where many of our youth were struck by the example and witness of the persecuted church and gave generously in response. The Thirteen Three crew did a fantastic job of running the night, and God moved powerfully to inspire a generation of teenagers to boldly proclaim the gospel and to continue praying for the persecuted church.” Travis Ryan, Springwood Baptist Church

“Thirteen Three continues to hit the sweet spot with their youth events. Fearless was a great balance of learning about the needs of Christian brothers and sisters in Nigeria and also considering what it means to live fearlessly for Jesus in Sydney. In our week-by-week bible teaching in our youth community, we regularly refer back to the things we have learnt about persecuted Christians.” Dave Miers, St Faith’s Narrabeen

“To see over 500 young people stand up for the name of Jesus and pledge to live fearlessly and pray for the persecuted was so encouraging. It was confronting, it was inspiring, it was great to witness God move in hearts and minds for His glory.” Andrew Hartman, Menai Anglican Church

Sponsor a Student

Thirteen Three also raised $24,200 in 2013 to sponsor 66 Bible college students in Myanmar, Vietnam and Indonesia. We praise God for raising up youth groups and individuals to partner with Thirteen Three to support the work of the Gospel in restricted nations.

Thank you to everyone who donated and came along to a Fearless event to help Thirteen Three support persecuted Christians in 2013. Please pray God will continue to raise up Australian youth to be BOUND WITH THEM in 2014.

2014 Youth Events: Anchored

“We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.”Hebrews 6:19

This year, Thirteen Three’s Youth Events will be focusing on persecution in the Philippines and raising money to sponsor Bible College students. Jono Fox will share inspiring stories from the persecuted church in the Philippines and we will be encouraging youth to keep their hope anchored in Jesus to stand firm through the storms of life.

We would love to see your church’s youth group at an event in 2014. Go to to find an event near you!