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Fellow believers, having read the book Tortured for Christ, I was intrigued to see if the new Tortured for Christ movie would do the story justice and depict the gravity of what Richard Wurmbrand experienced for his faith in prison.

Every time I watch the trailer, I am struck by the compassion he had, to pray for his persecutors.

This is also what we discover when visiting many countries where fellow Christians are persecuted for their faith. The purity of their faith is demonstrated in the faithful following of the words of Jesus in Matthew 5:44: But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you.

This attitude is at the very heart of the Voice of the Martyrs mission. As we travel to restricted countries, we are asked to pray for those persecuted and provide Bibles. Believers in countries where persecution is rife, are equipped through the teaching and literature that Voice of the Martyrs provides, to deal with persecution in a Biblical context. They understand that as a Christian, standing for one’s faith means they are inviting persecution, as was the case with Richard Wurmbrand.

Tortured for Christ has been an international best seller and has been translated into more than 68 languages. Apart from the Bible, it is the most requested book amongst new believers in restricted nations, as it helps give them the tools to deal with resistance to their faith. What the book also gives them is hope. Hope that through Christ they can understand why persecution happens and how to deal with it prayerfully.

There is much anticipation surrounding this movie. Feedback from the USA where the movie has been screened has been encouraging.

“We went to see TFC last night and the movie was packed, which I was thrilled to see. The characters were portrayed so well. It was truly moving and strongly convicting concerning their love for Christ and their persecutors. It was hard to watch in many of the scenes, as it should be. The song ‘In Christ Alone’ drew us all together.“ – Jenny

“Hope everyone goes to see this! Powerful! Excited to see this amazing book come to life in this film. Help spread the word.” – Sam

I urge you to see this life-changing movie and be encouraged as I was, by the amazing story of our founder Richard Wurmbrand. We are praying for an awakening of the church to the plight of our fellow believers who are persecuted for their faith in Christ.

Tony Benjamin

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