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Andrew recently finished Bible College in Vietnam and has just started his ministry as a house church pastor. Already he’s facing persecution from the authorities. Read Andrew’s story and find out how you can help train leaders for the persecuted church.

Andrew’s Story

When Andrew was considering going to Bible college to train for ministry, one of the members of his home church was arrested by the local authorities. They tied him behind a motorbike and forced him to run as the motorbike rode away. If he couldn’t run fast enough he would be dragged behind the motorbike. The man was also beaten with sticks and lost some of his teeth.

The authorities wanted to make an example of this believer to intimidate other Christians so they would stop following Jesus. But this didn’t stop Andrew. It only fuelled his desire to step out in faith to serve the Lord knowing the dangers and challenges he would face as a pastor.

Before Christmas 2012, Andrew’s house church put a cross on the building where they meet as an outward sign of their faith in Jesus. But the local authorities came and took down the cross saying this was not allowed. They told Andrew that if he wanted to have a church, he needed to submit an application and be granted permission by the authorities. Andrew says that the government is seeking to destroy his church.

Despite the challenges, Andrew continues to serve the Lord. “Persecution is hard … They will arrest us if we evangelise … But we carry on by faith,” Andrew told VOM. He trusts God to provide for all his needs and the needs of his church. “The people in my church are hungry for God’s Word. We need more Bibles!”

He asks us to pray for more workers to help build the church and share the Gospel in the Central Highlands of Vietnam.

Training Leaders for the Persecuted Church

One of the biggest needs for the growing church in Vietnam is training the next generation of pastors and Christian leaders. VOM Australia supports many Bible colleges in restricted nations, including the college where Andrew trained in Ho Chi Minh City under Pastor Quang.

Pastor Quang has been arrested, interrogated, beaten and imprisoned by the police more times than he can count. The authorities raid his Bible college most weeks to disrupt classes, question him and try to intimidate the students. He teaches his students theology of persecution and each of them receives practical training on how to deal with the police and respond to persecution.

Andrew’s training under Pastor Quang has equipped him to serve Jesus in a very challenging context. We believe training the next generation of Christian leaders is a valuable investment that will help the persecuted church continue to grow in the face of persecution. That’s why Voice of the Martyrs is committed to sponsoring Bible college students through our youth initiative Thirteen Three.

Sponsor a Bible College Student

This year, Thirteen Three is aiming to raise $32,265 to sponsor 66 Bible college students like Andrew in Vietnam, Myanmar and Indonesia. So far, we have raised $17,611.55 towards this goal. Praise God! We need to raise a further $14,653.45  by 31 December 2013 to reach our target.

You can help us reach this target and make a big impact for the Gospel by sponsoring Bible college students in restricted nations. Donate now.