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David Omara was the pastor of Christian Church Centre and a well-known radio preacher in northern Uganda.

During his radio broadcast on 31 October, he contrasted Christianity to Islam. After finishing the broadcast at about 9pm, Pastor David received a phone call from a listener who expressed appreciation for his message and invited him to meet with some friends. Unaware of the danger that awaited him, Pastor David went to the meeting location, along with his son Simon Okut.

Upon arrival, the two were ambushed by six people. Simon managed to escape but Pastor David was strangled and beaten to death.

When his wife received the shattering news, she immediately passed out and, even after receiving treatment, was unable to recognise people.

Speaking of the incident, a colleague said of the slain pastor: “He worked tirelessly for the Kingdom of God to the day he breathed his last breath.”

The pastor is survived by his wife and their eight children who range in age from 10 to 30. The church is calling for prayer and support on behalf of this grieving family, and specifically for the recovery of his emotionally distraught widow.

Despite having a reputation for being one of the most Christianised nations in Africa, a strong militant Islamic stance has created problems in recent years.

Source: Morning Star News

  • Pray for Pastor David’s wife and children during this time of great sorrow. Ask the Lord to provide each one, much-needed comfort, strength, and hope for the future.
  • Pray the militants responsible for the murder will not only be brought to justice but also delivered from the evil one.
  • Pray that the faithful work and witness of Pastor David will continue to resonate in the hearts of all who have heard the Gospel message through his ministry.

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