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Uganda’s population is 85% Christian, with a Christian president and a secular constitution which guarantees religious freedom. However, persecution with impunity is becoming prevalent in the Muslim-dominated Eastern Region.

Munabi Abudallah put his faith in Christ on 20 January and within 24 hours had lost everything. On Christmas Day a Muslim neighbour attempted to poison the Madina family, which she held in contempt for leaving Islam for Christianity. In October 2015 Shiekh Mulangira Ibrahim had a dramatic conversion experience and within hours had lost everything; Muslims are still trying to kill him today.

Islamists are exploiting Uganda’s decentralisation and following Sharia principles locally. The persecution is enabled by systemic corruption. Without radical reform, the situation can only get worse.

Source: Christian Faith and Freedom

  • Ask God to comfort, encourage, sustain and protect Munabi Abudallah, the Madina family and Mulangira Ibrahim; may the Lord supply their every need.
  • Pray for the government of Uganda, may they make every attempt to protect its citizens from injustice.
  • Pray the church in Uganda may remain faithful to the Lord, be unified and act as a powerful witness for the Gospel.