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Nassif was tied to a banana tree and burnt – for putting his faith in Jesus. He is only nine and it was his own father who set light to the tree.

Please pray that God will heal this young Ugandan boy as he recovers in Kamuli Hospital. His family are furious with him for turning his back on Islam and refusing to follow Muslim practices: he was caught eating during Ramadan.

It was a neighbour who took Nassif to the church where the boy decided to accept Jesus as his Saviour. The neighbour too needs our prayers: he’s received threatening text messages. Other neighbours rescued Nassif and took him to hospital.

Nassif’s father, Abubakar, has been arrested and released on bail.

Source: Release International, Morning Star News

Prayer Points

  • Please pray that Nassif will know that God is holding him in His hands and that he is the apple of His eye (Psalm 17:8). Pray for his physical and emotional healing. Pray for protection and provision.
  • Lift up Abubakar to God and pray that he too, like his son, will come to know Jesus.
  • Pray for all our brothers and sisters in Christ, living in Muslim areas of eastern Uganda, where persecution against Christians is increasingly common.

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