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A Baptist pastor in eastern Uganda was poisoned to death after an intense theological dialogue with a Muslim villager.

Micah Byamukama, pastor of Kasecha Baptist Church in Kasecha village, died at Kabweri Health Centre on 15 May after consuming an insecticide laced into his food. He was 61.

Ahmed Mupere, the alleged assailant, was said to be upset with Pastor Micah, a fervent evangelist, after public discussions in which the pastor challenged his theology.

Less than a week before the poisoning, Pastor Micah survived a knife attack by unidentified persons, who may have been hired by Mupere. The pastor was wounded, but neighbours responded to his cries for help and rescued him.

A widower with no children, Pastor Micah was alone when Mupere visited on 15 May, five days after the knife attack. Feigning reconciliation as he dined with the pastor from a shared dish, Mupere allegedly put poison on the food and stopped eating as Pastor Micah continued to eat.

Before he died, the pastor told his neighbour, “Ahmed took a little food with me and then stopped. When I asked him why not continue with the food, he said he had eaten at his home, and that he wanted go back home because it was getting late.”

Shortly after Mupere left, the pastor began to experience stomach pains. He was rushed to the health centre, where the pain and other symptoms intensified, before he passed away.

Police are investigating, and Mupere has fled the village.

Sources: Assist New Service, Morning Star News

Prayer Points

  • Pray for justice in this case; may the authorities do all they can to find the perpetrator. Pray he may have the opportunity to understand the Gospel and seek forgiveness from the one true God.
  • Pray for Pastor Micah’s loved ones and his congregation; may the Lord comfort them in their grief and may they be encouraged by Pastor Micah’s bold witness.
  • Pray for the church in Uganda, that in spite of the increasing opposition, the church may be strong, holy, unified and loving ─ even toward those who oppose them.

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