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A Christian convert in Uganda is suffering tremendous grief after four members of his family – including his two children – were killed when suspected Muslim extremists set their home on fire.

Ali Nakabale, 36, lost his son, daughter, mother and stepfather when they were burned alive inside the family’s home on 20 August.

Nakabale lives near Uganda’s capital of Kampala in the Nakaseke district. Nakabale’s wife and other Muslims in the area were angered over the fact that Nakabale and his 56-year-old mother had accepted faith in Christ at an evangelism event in August 2018.

Nakabale was not home at the time his house was set on fire because he was visiting his aunt. “Upon arriving home, I found the house destroyed by fire that burned my four family members, including my two children,” he said. “On reaching the mortuary, I found their bodies burned beyond recognition.”

A neighbour who remained anonymous said that he became aware of the blaze around 1am. “We saw fire emanating from the house … with loud chants from Muslims shouting, ‘Allah Akbar’ [God is greater].”

According to Nakabale, his wife and relatives discovered his new faith in May after his young son innocently told his mother about his experience at an evening worship service he attended with Nakabale.

“When my wife began beating my son, condemning his action of going to church, then I knew our visit to the evening prayers had leaked,” Nakabale revealed. “The same day my wife walked out of the marriage and left the home. We got scared because we knew that our lives were in danger. For three months, no Muslims visited our home.”

Nakabale said that Muslim extremists were “monitoring” the family’s movements.

“Nakabale is depressed and is questioning God on the brutal deaths of his two little children,” an unnamed source said. “He needs counselling and prayers at this difficult moment.”

Although Christians make up the majority of Uganda’s population, there’s been a history of attacks against Muslim converts to Christianity by the Muslim community. Muslims make up about 12% of the country’s population.

Sources: Morning Star News, Christian Post

  • Ask the Lord to walk with Ali Nakabale during this time of great suffering. Pray he will receive much love and care from his fellow believers.
  • Pray the Lord will impress upon Ali the hope of being reunited with his loved ones.
  • Ask the Lord to strengthen the church in Uganda and protect His children from violence.

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