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Susan Ithungu, who suffered permanent leg damage as a young girl after being locked in a small room for becoming a Christian, is now facing another health challenge.

Susan came to know Christ in 2009. When her Muslim father discovered her conversion, he began to beat her and threatened to kill her. After trying for months to persuade Susan to deny Christ, he finally locked her in a small space in their mud shanty. Six months passed before neighbours realised what was happening to Susan and notified the police, who rescued her and took her to a hospital. Susan suffered from untreated malaria while locked away in the small room, and the months of calcium deficiency affected her growing bones.

Having already endured multiple surgeries, Susan, now a teenager, recently developed an infection in her thigh that required another immediate surgery. She faces a long recovery and possibly further surgery, and she will also be missing more school.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Susan’s healing and encouragement. Ask the Lord to strengthen her faith through this ordeal.
  • Pray for the doctors treating her and for those providing her post-operative care; that they may be granted wisdom and patience.
  • Ask the Lord to continue to use Susan’s testimony for His glory and for the spiritual benefit of many. Pray for her family.

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