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On Sunday 15 January some 80 believers were praying together in Katira Church in majority-Muslim Budaka District, Eastern Region, when a mob of around 90 local Muslims attacked, angry about Muslims converting to Christianity.

Dozens of believers were beaten and bound and 15 women were raped.

Police took two hours to respond — only then did the attackers disperse.

The pastor, Moses Mutasa, and eight other church members are missing. The following day Reverend Musa Mukenye intervened to ease tensions and maintain peace. He has urged the police to arrest the attackers and bring them to justice. Unfortunately, impunity has long prevailed, which is why persecution has been escalating.

Source: Christian Faith and Freedom

  • Pray our Lord will intervene in Katira; may the missing be found, the wounded healed, and the traumatised and grieving comforted.
  • Pray those who are responsible will be brought to justice but also be moved to repentance. Pray the authorities will go to greater lengths to protects its citizens.
  • Thank the Lord He is at work, pray He will continue to build his church in Uganda