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The father of a young Muslim woman in east Uganda on Thursday 12 November tried to beat her to death after she became a Christian, but community leaders intervened and limited him to disowning her, sources said.

Kibida Muyemba learned that his 21-year-old daughter, Namusisi Birye, had put her faith in Christ at an evangelistic campaign held that day in Nandere village, church leaders told Morning Star News.

“Birye and a man in the traditional dress of an imam confessed openly to receiving Christ, they said, and angry Muslims cut the event short,” said the East Africa correspondent of the news service.

Word of Birye’s conversion had reached her parents by the time she arrived home at 7pm and her father began beating her, Birye said.

“My father had a wooden stick and started beating me as I entered the house,” she said. “As my mother was about to beat me also, the local council chairman, who was on his way to his home in Buluba, arrived and rescued me. Soon some neighbours who are Christians also arrived.”

Birye’s loud cries brought several neighbours to the site, a church leader said.

“As we arrived, the girl was bleeding, and her clothes had blood stains all over,” said the church leader, whose name is withheld for security reasons.

Birye’s father and mother, Amina Hasakya, were shouting furiously that she should be killed, he said.

“Our daughter must be killed according to Islam, because she has become apostate,” her father told those who came to her aid, the pastor said. “She can never be our daughter again.”

Morning Star News went on to say that from 8pm until midnight, Muyemba discussed his daughter’s fate with two church leaders, a neighbour and Mutaana Paul, the local council chairman, ending in Muyemba’s decision to formally disown her. Paul retained the written declaration of Muyemba’s decision to disown her, the church leader said.

“I then decided to take the girl to my house, and she is now recuperating after being disowned by her parents,” he said.

According to the East Africa correspondent, Birye, who is suffering from serious rib pain, was being treated at a local clinic in Kabuna, Budaka District. She also sustained injuries to her right hand and bruises on her forehead.

Source: Assist News Service

Prayer Points

  • Pray for complete physical and emotion healing for Birye; ask the Lord to comfort her after this ordeal and help her to come to terms with the loss of her family.
  • Pray that although she has had to count a great cost of following Christ, she will rejoice in knowing the Lord and willingly follow Him all her life.
  • Ask the Lord to send the Holy Spirit to her family; pray too for the protection of the other who made a commitment to Christ at the event.

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