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A court in the self-declared Luhansk People’s Republic of eastern Ukraine has declared four more Christian books “extremist” after confiscating these resources from local church members.

The official list of banned literature now contains 26 titles, including 18 books published by Protestant Christians. One of the items is a Russian translation of the Gospel of John, which was banned in November 2019.

The region of Luhansk was seized in 2014 by pro-Russian rebels who have declared autonomy from Ukraine and placed a ban on all religious meetings without registration.

Source: Forum 18

Let us pray.

  • Pray for wisdom on behalf of the believers as they encounter oppression from self-governing regional authorities.
  • Ask God to provide direction to the members of the Ukrainian government and international political leaders, as they collaboratively seek ways to end the conflict and establish peace in the region.
  • May the Lord work in the lives of the rebels instigating the conflict, and those responsible for the censorship of Christian materials, opening their hearts and minds to the message of the Gospel.