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As the war in Ukraine continues, many people are fleeing west to Poland and Moldova, to escape the Russian forces which have invaded from the east and Belarusian forces in the north.

So far 500,000 war refugees – mainly women and children – have crossed the border into Poland with 100,000 new refugees being added every day. The border queues extend over 40kms and because of the huge number of people, it is taking up to three days for people to be processed.

These lengthy delays have caught

people unawares; many have run out of fuel while they have been waiting in line to cross the border. Some have even abandoned their vehicles on the side of the road to walk the 40kms into Poland. They are cold, they don’t have sufficient food or additional clothing.

Russia has experienced stiff resistance from Ukraine forces with the loss of Russian soldiers currently estimated at 7,000. It is understood that Russian soldiers were expecting to be welcomed into Ukraine as liberators but have in fact have experienced the opposite, with strong resistance by all sectors of the Ukrainian community. Reports are coming in of Russian soldiers deserting and there has been much loss of Russian military equipment.

There has been an increase in brutality from the Russian invaders against Ukrainian citizens in the last two days with many civilian areas being targeted. The Russian army has cut aid coming through to many parts of Ukraine. Many places have run out of medicine and have no power.

VOM workers on the ground are asking for prayer to stop any military action on the western borders, which would greatly risk the lives of those who are fleeing Ukraine.

Poland is offering free medical care to Ukrainian refugees but in the scramble to provide aid through a number of agencies to so many people, some have had too much aid and others have missed out. VOM has been looking to fill the gaps and supply necessary aid in areas where there has been none. Through the support of VOM, churches are providing, food, laundry services, and places to sleep.

The needs are great, and the churches supported by VOM are doing an amazing job and tirelessly providing for the needs of the refugees, especially the household of faith.


Source: VOM Poland