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The needs are mounting every day. So far, over 1.2 million refugees have come over to Poland from Ukraine, just yesterday it was 141.5K. Many Polish Evangelical churches are already overburdened.

Many church buildings are packed with refugees; Christians are also taking refugees into their homes. At the eastern border where the refugees first come, pastors and hundreds of volunteers work around the clock; they bring people from the border, give them shelter, cook for them, wash their clothes and buy them Polish sim cards so that they can communicate with their loved ones. 

The majority of the refugees are women with small children. Some have walked many kilometres to the border where they have had to wait at least 12 hours in freezing cold weather. Once they cross the border, they are exhausted and traumatised. They have had to leave their husbands and fathers behind, to fight the invaders.

Voice of the Martyrs is providing aid to the churches who are caring for the refugees. We are also sending aid to Ukraine through Polish Christians who assess the needs and provide relief where they can. We also support churches in Moldova – a small and poor post-Soviet country – that is simply overburdened with the huge influx of refugees.

Please continue to pray for the work we are doing in the Ukraine.


Source: VOM Poland