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Latipzhon Mamazhanov, a Christian believer who had been arrested and jailed for 16 days in Fergana, eastern Uzbekistan, was released on 28 March.

Police illegally raided Latipzhon’s home, and those of other Christians in Fergana, on 12 March while in search of religious literature.

Latipzhon was imprisoned in the region’s Kuva District Police Detention Centre, where up to seven inmates were put in a cell designed for two people. No sanitary and hygiene rules were followed, and food was only provided once a day. Latipzhon, along with other prisoners who insisted they were innocent of crime, were also tortured several times during their incarceration.

“They can keep one Bible in their homes,” states Rustam Yegamberdiyev, head of Fergana City Criminal Police. “But if they keep more than one, then this means they are intending to gather others in their homes for illegal prayers and meetings.”

Source: Forum18

Prayer Points

  • Pray Latipzhon will seek the Lord’s healing power and ministering presence to help him overcome this ordeal.
  • May Latipzhon find joy in knowing he has been counted worthy to suffer for the sake of the Gospel.
  • Ask the Lord to remind these persevering believers that, while they may be undergoing persecution from those opposing them, they are truly His beloved children.

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