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Imagine going to Bible college.

It’s the opportunity to dedicate yourself to studying and training in God’s Word and to prepare for a lifetime of ministry.

Now imagine going to Bible college in the world’s most populous Muslim nation; a Bible college that has faced severe persecution.

This is the reality for students at Arastamar Bible College in Indonesia. In 2008, Muslim extremists forced the students and staff out of their classes and beat   them.

Indonesia is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. Within the Muslim community there are extremists who want to eradicate Christianity from this nation. Churches are attacked by suicide bombers and converts from Islam to Christianity often face persecution from their family.

Despite these risks, courageous young Christians are enrolling in Arastamar Bible College to be equipped to evangelise in this restricted country. They want to tell others about the victory that is found in Jesus Christ.

This year, Thirteen Three, the youth arm of Voice of the Martyrs, is providing 300 Victory Backpacks to students at Arastamar Bible College. These packs will include a Bible, backpack, mobile phone with a digital library, commentaries, DVDs and a USB stick. Each pack costs only $50. These resources will greatly encourage these brave young believers and remind them that they are not alone but have the support of Australian Christians behind them.

Partner with us and help us provide Victory Backpacks to the students today!