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Since accepting Christ, Minh Bao* and his family have been subjected to harassment and persecution because of their faith.

In November 2016, three of Minh’s sons were beaten by local authorities because they chose to follow Christ. Their injuries were so severe that they required treatment in hospital. Minh had to sell his most valuable possessions — a portion of land and two buffaloes — to pay for his sons’ hospital fees and medical expenses.

Front-line worker with Minh (right) in his makeshift home.

After this attack, the local authorities approached Minh’s family several times with offers of favours and benefits if they would renounce their faith. When the family refused to do so, part of their land was seized and they were threatened with further beatings. Despite these threats, Minh and his family continued to proclaim the gospel and use their home for their local church’s Bible teachings.

To earn a living, Minh chops and sells wood and his wife Tien works as a labourer. Although they face daily persecution for their faith, Minh and Tien remain faithful to the Lord and gladly accept being mistreated and persecuted for Christ’s sake.

Recently, local authorities forced Minh and his wife Tien to leave their home because they refuse to renounce their faith in Christ. The couple is now living on their remaining land in a small, open-air structure made of bamboo and metal sheets (see image above). This ‘house’ protects them from the sun, but not from the wind or rain. With Vietnam approaching the worst of its rainy season, Minh and Tien need to find other accommodation quickly.

Thankfully, we have been able to send money to VOM contacts in Vietnam to purchase a house for Minh and Tien to live in. The house is further from their village, but there are two house churches close to this new location.

*Names have been changed for the protection of Minh, his family and our VOM front-line workers in Vietnam.

Source: VOM Australia contacts

Please Pray

  • Pray that the purchase of the house for Minh and Tien goes smoothly, and that they can settle in quickly before Vietnam’s rainy season. Pray they will be blessed by the support of a new church family
  • Pray that the local authorities who forced them out of the village will come to know Christ through Minh and Tien’s steadfast conviction and sacrifice.
  • Pray for VOM front-line workers in Vietnam who continue to minister in their communities despite the risks.