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Vietnam’s new “Law on Belief and Religion,” scheduled to come into effect this year, will add another layer of governmental repression and control to an already pressurised Church, says Vo Tran Nhat, Executive Secretary of the Vietnam Committee on Human Rights.

“They’re going to adopt a new law, a law on religion. This law is not a law on religion; it’s just a law on how to manage the control of religion,” he said in a video interview with World Watch Monitor.

Last year, Reg Reimer, a professor at the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada, gave a thorough overview of the proposed law, saying “it is almost inevitable the new law will disappoint proponents of universal human rights.”

“The passing of this far-reaching new law on belief and religion will much more likely move the political system toward more micromanagement and control of religion, rather than toward more religious freedom as internationally understood,” he said.

There have been five revisions to the draft of the new law, the latest being tabled in parliament in November 2015. No date has been set for when the law will come into effect.

Source: World Watch Monitor

Prayer Points

  • Pray that no law will intimidate or inhibit the church in Vietnam, but that the church will follow the lead of its Head, Jesus Christ, in every situation.
  • Ask God to give wisdom and understanding to the church in Vietnam in their dealings with authorities.
  • Pray that government restrictions will create curiosity among Vietnamese about the Gospel rather than driving them away.

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