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On Sunday, 18 January at around 4:30pm, Pastor Quang and his associate pastor were attacked by five men only 500 metres from his Bible college.

The attack occurred without provocation as the two pastors were set upon by five assailants who used bricks and rocks to batter their heads. When they collapsed to the ground from the initial attack the perpetrators proceeded to kick their bodies relentlessly.

Both pastors were taken to the emergency hospital to be treated and Pastor Quang, who suffered the more serious injuries, was afterwards taken to the local hospital for further treatment and observation.

Pastor Quang sustained a broken nose, broken ribs, facial injuries including injuries to his teeth and jaw. Presently he is in severe pain and has been vomiting during his time at the hospital.

VOM Australia has sent medical funds to cover treatment costs.

Police have made no arrests.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs Australia

Prayer Points

  • Pray the Lord will completely heal and fully restore the two pastors.
  • Ask Him to strengthen their resolve to fully commit themselves to the work of the Lord and not be fearful.
  • Pray for the perpetrators, that the Lord would have mercy on them, to convict them and bring them to repentance.