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March 25, 2015.

News has just come to hand from Vietnam sources of the Vietnamese Evangelical Mennonite Pastor Nguyen Hong Quang and his son Nguyen Quang Trieu being attacked by a group of seven young men while uniformed police sat back and did nothing to prevent the assault from happening.

A further 20 more thugs joined the original attackers in beating them at their Mennonite Church while two other pastors tried to intervene in helping the pair but were also injured. Pastor Quang once more suffered four injuries which included a broken finger and a cut eyelid along with bruising and bleeding to his face. His son received seven injuries from the repeated kicking to his body and the use of helmets that struck him causing bleeding to his face Quang told us.

It was reported by witnesses that the police did not allow the victims to receive first aid and they willingly wrote their report saying the victims came to disrupt the local residents and were beaten by some local youths. Pastor Quang rejected this report very strongly. The police also arrested Pastor Du as he made his way to meet Pastor Quang. It was reported at the police station that Pastor Du fainted and was taken to the hospital. Later in the day he was brought back to the police station for more questioning.

On January 18 Pastor Quang and a colleague suffered a brutal assault in broad daylight beating them about the head and body with bricks and rocks only 500m from their Bible College. He was hospitalised with a broken nose, ribs and facial injuries, including damage to his teeth and jaw. We are thankful this time that his injuries were not as severe as the January attack, but one would wonder how a father would be feeling knowing that his son also incurred a beating.

This Bible College and poor small Church has been the victim of these serious attacks upon its members that are suspiciously led to believe is a part of a strategic plan of the Communist Security forces to close down their freedom of religion.

Please join with us in vigilant prayer for this community of persecuted believers.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs Australia