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A group of Christians in central Vietnam have lost their homes and farmland because of their faith in Christ, but they remain faithful to the Lord.

Several families in the Central Highlands, including some former Communist Party members, have become Christians over the past few years through the witness of a VOM-supported evangelist. The new believers experienced ongoing harassment as a result; their coffee crops were destroyed; their livestock were killed and their food was stolen.

In 2015, local officials used a backhoe to push the believers’ homes into a river, and the Christians were forced to relocate to another area and live in tents. The evangelist continues to visit them to provide encouragement. Though their new land was ill suited to farming, today it is thriving because of their hard work. “Even though they live in a difficult area, they go out to do evangelism,” the evangelist said.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the evangelist who brought the Gospel to these families.
  • Praise God for their faithfulness and perseverance. Pray He will use them as a strong witness for the Gospel.
  • Thank the Lord for His provision and pray He will continue to meet their needs.