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UPDATE 22 March 2019: Thank you for your prayers, our brother has now had surgery. Please pray for his recovery and his safety.

Our persecuted brother in Vietnam is in need of our prayers for healing. Brother Y was recently released from prison after serving several years. While he was there, he developed a large tumour above his eye which was left untreated.

He was not permitted to receive any treatment for the tumour in prison and once released, a local doctor refused to touch it. The doctor said he needed to go straight to hospital so despite being on parole, which included restricted movement, he was forced to travel to a hospital in Ho Chi Minh City for testing and treatment.

The hospital undertook some tests and asked him to return to the city for surgery. Unfortunately local authorities discovered he had left home without permission and brought him in for questioning. His explanations to officers about his medical emergency didn’t work and they forbade him from leaving the area and took away his medical record book so he is now unable to undergo surgery or return to hospital.

Please pray for his healing and safety.

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