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A new Christian, “Bao,” is being pressured by village authorities to recant his faith, a VOM worker reported. After Bao and his family converted to Christianity four months ago, authorities told Bao he could not live in the village and that he could not use or purchase food, clothing or candles from the village as long as he continued in his beliefs. They repeated their threat three times.

After Bao was baptised on 16 July, his brother beat him and had him arrested. Bao was jailed for two days and was beaten and shocked in his eye with electric wires. Police fined Bao $250, which had to be paid before he could be released. VOM USA is providing Bao with money to pay the fine.

Source: Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Please pray for the provision and protection of Bao and his family.
  • Ask the Lord to strengthen this new Christian to enable him to stand firm.
  • Pray the Lord will send many believers to Bao and his wife for prayer and encouragement.