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‘Mai Bao’ and her husband spent years seeking healing for her illness before finally asking a Christian to pray for her. After she was healed, Mai Bao decided to give her life to Jesus. But the rest of her Hmong community saw her change of faith as a rejection of their values.

Both the villages and the village leader tried to pressure her to give up her new faith, but Mai Bao refused to deny Christ. Finally, her husband beat her and kicked her out of her home. She and her sister-in-law, who she had also led to Christ, were forced to live with a relative on a farm outside the village.

When VOM contacts visited them, the women said they were grateful for the encouragement and the food that other believers brought.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Thank the Lord for the faithfulness shown by Mai Bao under such difficult circumstances. Ask the Lord to continue to strengthen her and her sister-in-law.
  • Pray that Mai Bao’s husband will turn to Christ and that their example will influence their whole village.
  • Intercede for the Hmong community in Vietnam. Ask the Lord to further grow His church in faithfulness, courage and love for one another and their neighbours.