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A Christian woman in the village of Dak Lak lost her home and land recently when villagers decided to expel her because of her Christian faith.

Chau, 60, lived on several acres of prime farming land that had been handed down to her by her grandparents. Before becoming a Christian, she was a heavy drinker and didn’t work, but after coming to know Christ she became a new person.

Earlier this year, Chau travelled to another village to stay a few weeks with her daughter, who was expecting a baby. While away, her neighbours sent word that she was not welcome back in the village because she was a Christian. When Chau tried to return home, the villagers stopped her and told her they were confiscating her land.

Source: The Voice of the Martyrs USA

  • Pray for Chau, who is grieved over the loss of her land. Pray that the Lord’s guidance and provision will be upon her.
  • Praise God that Chau has become a new creation in Christ and that, in spite of what has occurred, she remains committed to Him.
  • Ask God to use Chau and her testimony as a bold witness to the people of her village.

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