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The current anger and fear that exists in Hong Kong is very real. This has been widespread and peaked in the final months of 2019 as millions marched – furious with their present circumstance and fearful of the future.

They are aware that in a few short years they could well be living in very different conditions. Due to a 1997 arrangement, the British Colony was returned to China with the agreement that it would for the next 50 years, exist as a special entity, separate and self-administrated. It would then become accountable to the central capital Beijing, which would have the power of approval over Hong Kong’s leadership.

Many fled elsewhere in that year of 1997, notably, half of the registered pastors/clergy departed Hong Kong. The Communist Party of China (CCP) began then to exert pressure and an increased interference. Much of this was tolerated until an extradition bill was introduced into Hong Kong Legislature. Millions then protested and a sustained rebellion began. The hope of a continuation of past freedoms was shattered and the year 2047, the actual completion date of the 50 years of “One Country Two Systems” became to many, a lost cause.

There are those here who welcome governmental socialism/communism and others who fear that the demonstrations will only make matters worse. However, the majority can hardly believe that their government would treat them as it has, and this has produced hard core resisters.

Those with generational experience under communist China are scarred by the memory of a world where everyone is forced to live under total surveillance all the time. Hence many here became strong resisters during 2019 and 2020. With a clarity that terrifies them, they see a future under a one-party totalitarian rule as no small nightmare.

As for the coronavirus (COVID-19), it is far worse throughout China than the BBC, the WHO and social media have been reporting. We have long been stating “grim” and now at last they too are quoting it. Ten times worse are the infections and deaths.

Also, there is a growing chorus throughout China of energised believers who are asking, begging at God’s throne of grace (Hebrews 4:16), to grant a government and a fresh management of leaders who know something of the lavish love of the living God.

We can safely and thankfully report to you of the good and preserving hand of our God and Father, upholding us through January and February. We were in the capital, Beijing, during Chinese New Year for 10 days, just two weeks back from precious daily meetings with assembly brothers and sisters from six provinces. We most often studied the Epistle to the Hebrews.

Upon return to our home base in Hong Kong we received the Lord’s confirmation in feedback of the ongoing serious in-depth enquiry into Hebrews among local churches. Praise the Lord.

Because of the coronavirus there has been severe nationwide restrictions and even some total citywide lockdowns. We have been able to continue work and have further produced more Gospel literature.

It is encouraging to see our fellow saints enjoy the great fact that the Word of GOD is the believer’s resource even during distressing disease, declension, and despair.

Thank you in the Name for every reminder and request you make at the throne for China’s millions and ourselves here. I am so thankful that I was not called to be a journalist in today’s China! Why? Because China’s journalists, who report truth and fact, just disappear.

Name withheld to protect the author’s identity