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Believers in Sudan suffer intense persecution and lack basic medical care. Find out how VOM is serving our Sudanese brothers and sisters through our VOMedical program.

Believers in the Nuba Mountains area in Sudan suffer intense persecution and lack basic medical care. More than a half million people are served by a small number of doctors and a handful of small clinics.

Voice of the Martyrs serves Christians in this area by shipping 40-foot containers packed with medicines. The containers include supplies such as antibiotics, antimalarials, antifungals, analgesics, anti-inflammatories, oral rehydration salts and vitamins. VOM has also provided crutches, prostheses and ambulatory devices to help those injured during the war.

Here is an email message we received from a VOM field worker: “We returned to Kenya from Sudan about two hours ago. We learned that there have been bombings almost every day …. in the Nubas. We also verified the distribution of Life Packs, blankets, and meds. Part of the medical shipment went into the Nubas, to the forward-most clinics (12 of them throughout the area).”

Praise God that these urgent medical supplies get through to the medical clinics who are desperately waiting for them.

You can assist persecuted Christians in Sudan by donating to Sudan: Where most needed. Click here to donate today.