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A special New Year message from John Wilson, VOM’s Executive Director. John shares an exclusive insight into some of the exciting VOM programs that are coming up in 2014.

The New Year is a wonderful opportunity to praise God for His blessings to our ministry. One of those blessings is you! We rejoice at your partnership in the Gospel and celebrate with thanksgiving the good work that has been accomplished in the past year to serve our persecuted brothers and sisters.

We are really looking forward to your partnership this year as we continue to serve our persecuted brothers and sisters. Here are a few exciting things that are coming up in 2014.

This year I am particularly excited about new projects to support persecuted Christians in countries such as Sudan, China and Nigeria.

We will continue our support for Bible Colleges in restricted nations providing strategic training to equip the next generation of evangelists, teachers and pastors to lead the persecuted church.

We will continue our Bibles Plus program to provide holistic care for persecuted Christians by providing God’s Word PLUS Life Packs containing food and other essentials.

Our Thirteen Three Youth Events will be focusing on persecution in the Philippines and raising money to sponsor Bible College students. Go to to find an event near you!

We will also take our Christmas Care program to the Middle East for the first time. We are really excited about this new opportunity to bless kids of the persecuted church in this region.

As the increase of persecution flows like rivers into many restricted nations, we remain committed to being the voice of our persecuted brothers and sisters in Australia and making our faithful supporters like you aware of the prayer and financial support that is so desperately needed. Your partnership is so vital to help us respond to the cries that we hear from these restricted nations.

Thank you for your partnership in ministry to the persecuted church.

God bless you in 2014.

John Wilson

Executive Director


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