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Weng Tshua was three weeks old when Fulani Muslims attacked his village in 2010. All nine members of his family including his parents, were killed. He was rescued from his burning house, but not before the fire had consumed his feet. The VOM prosthetics team fashioned special shoes that can be adjusted as Weng grows.

This year he was fitted for a new pair of shoes, his first pair was well used.

“This young boy has been through so much, but his life is somewhat back to normal because of the caring people around him and because of your support. His feet might be disfigured but this little boy is determined to play just like his friends do.

“Weng is now six years old, and we are commited to walking with him every step of the way as he grows into adulthood. When God brings a persecuted family member into our lives, we commit to helping them through their physical and spiritual recovery as long as the need is there. Each situation is unique, and we provide assistance we prayerfully commit to standing with the persecuted believers in their sufferings” says, Jim Dau President of the VOM USA, who was present when the new shoes were delivered.

This video clip shows Weng receiving his very first shoes proudly walking around in it.

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