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Carla, age 16, came to faith in Christ in 2021. Though she grew up in a culturally Christian home, her widowed father practises animistic beliefs.

When he learned about Carla’s decision to follow Jesus, he tried to force her to marry a non-believer.

After Carla refused, her father was enraged and tried to place a curse on her. He also bribed a government official to bring a state case against Carla.

Carla has fled to her uncle’s house. Amid the hostility she is facing from her father, she has dropped out of school.

Source: iCommitToPray

Please Pray

  • Pray for Carla’s hope in Christ to remain firm.
  • Pray for reconciliation between Carla and her father, and that through her faith he will come to know Christ.
  • Pray for safety and provision for Carla as she stays with her uncle. Pray that she will be able to return to school to finish her education.