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JOHN CHAU: What Will It Take?

19 November 2019

Dr Mary Ho, executive leader of All Nations, is back to continue our discussion of the life and legacy of John Chau, killed in November 2018 while attempting to take Jesus’ love to the people of North Sentinel Island. John’s sacrifice has drawn comparisons to Jim Elliott and Nate Saint, and Mary will talk about the qualities they shared, especially a sacrificial, deep love for Jesus.

Dr Ho will tell us more about All Nations, the ministry she leads which sent John to the island, including how they train missionaries and church planters all over the world and then coach each one as they put their training into practice. She will also discuss what it will take to reach the hardest places—places like North Sentinel Island—with the gospel message.

John Chau felt called to North Sentinel Island after seeing a list of unreached people groups; would you consider choosing one unreached people group to specifically pray for?

Listen to Part 1 of our conversation with Dr Ho about John Chau’s life, calling and ministry here.

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