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A few years ago, a VOM worker heard about a believer who carried a single Bible deep into a forested region of south-western India. Today, 70% of those living in a Hindu village there have accepted Christ.

This is just one example of God’s Word reaching the most remote parts of India — and bearing fruit. Front line workers supported by VOM regularly hear how the Gospel is changing lives in  the world’s largest Hindu nation. That’s why they do whatever it takes to get Bibles into the hands of  new believers.

Despite pressure from the Indian government and the RSS, a Hindu nationalist group, front line workers continue to distribute Bibles. Extreme conditions and challenging terrain cannot deter them from delivering God’s Word, using everything from canoes to camels to haul their life-changing cargo.

“It is only by our Almighty God’s grace and protection that we are able to distribute Bibles all over south India,” a VOM worker said.

Give them the most important book in the world … the Bible

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