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November 2017 Newsletter

Jatya lives in a village heavily populated with paid informants of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), a national volunteer organisation with millions of members who intimidate and even force Christians to return to their nation’s Hindu roots.

In 1992, Jatya was ordered to sign a document promising to stop sharing the Gospel. When he refused, police broke all of his fingers. He has been beaten by Hindu radicals, locked in a jail cell for a week and whipped with a bicycle chain, but he continues to faithfully share the Gospel in his village. “Until my last breath, I want to serve and live my life for Jesus,” he said.

Jatya keeps a manila packet full of documents from the cases filed against him, along with photos and newspaper clippings recounting the eight times he has been beaten for sharing the Gospel. Today, although 93 years old and hard of hearing, Jatya continues to share the Gospel and lead Sunday services with his son. He is still not free of the legal cases filed against him and is required to attend court every month.

Six months after VOM met and interviewed Jatya, his wife passed away. His daughter, who now takes care of him, said, “He prays every day for everyone and also sends his regards to everyone.”