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Throughout history it has been known that many cultures love to sing. Their songs have been written for different purposes: Foremost, they love to sing their national anthem with pride but there are other songs that make a statement or express an emotion while there are other songs that show allegiance of whom you follow.

You may follow one of your favourite football teams who have their own song to sing boldly in support of their team and we all rally behind this with many of us out of tune but we still sing.

However, in North Korea the people are forced to gather weekly to sing songs of praise to Kim Il Sung, the founder of Juche ideology and grandfather of North Korea’s supreme leader, Kim Jong Un. School students sing regularly to the supreme leader. The entire nation must sing to their leader, otherwise they risk imprisonment. How would you respond to such a demand to sing?

Christians in North Korea have the answer. They sometimes sing the melody of the national songs but they privately change the lyrics and focus their words on Jesus. So in this way they can hum it freely in the streets and no one is aware that it is a worship song to Jesus, the true supreme leader. They have decided their allegiance is to Jesus, not Kim Il Sung or anyone else, and they demonstrate this through their actions by singing their own song, even though it is done in secrecy. Singing for Jesus is life changing and their everyday choices demonstrate this.

Who do you sing for?
As Australians, we live in a free country, for which we can be thankful to God. Yet there are going to be times when our government, peers, parents, friends or others want us to do things that are against our allegiance to Jesus – they want us to sing their song for them.

When this happens, will your actions demonstrate your loyalty to Jesus, or will you choose to sing the dictated song? Will you be so bold like our North Korean brothers and sisters to change the words and sing to Jesus?

“Whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him” Colossians 3:17.


  • Pray that God will help you conform your life to be in accordance with His Word.
  • Pray for strength for North Korean Christians and other persecuted Christians when they are pressured to conform to the way of their persecutors.