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Our 2016 Bibles Plus campaign reached believers in the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Vietnam, India and Nigeria. Our national contacts distributed these packs, including a Bible in the local language, as well as assorted products tailored to meet specific needs for each country. People want God’s Word, however, in many restricted nations, Bibles are rare, expensive, and risky to own. Christians hungry for God’s Word, often wait several years before eventually acquiring their own Bible.

In addition, poverty is often a consequence of persecution, as families struggle to survive once husbands and fathers are imprisoned for their Christian activities. To add to their hardships, Christians are often denied aid by the authorities, while to non-believers, aid is generously provided in times of crisis.

Through your kind generosity, our Bibles Plus campaign helped Christians in restricted nations. We partnered with our local contacts and churches to achieve the distribution for this popular project.

“I am so much blessed and encouraged seeing the people receiving the Word of God joyfully, seeing their hunger for the Word. Praise the Lord for the ministry of VOM that we will be able to reach even to the very remote areas of the Philippines.” VOM Filipino worker.