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Padina was a dedicated Muslim in Iran who sought to grow closer to Allah but after hearing a sermon on satellite television, she placed her faith in Christ and became a dedicated evangelist herself.

Padina’s life in Iran became
 so unbearable that she wanted to commit suicide. Her efforts to grow closer to Allah through ritualistic prayer and acts of service weren’t satisfying her. Then, after turning on her TV one day and hearing evangelist Homoz Shariat share hope, she accepted Christ and received Him as Lord 
and Saviour.

Soon after this, the Lord healed Padina’s mother from multiple sclerosis and filled her heart with love and peace.

Padina said, “When I was serving Allah, I was ready to give my life for him who was a distant, unloving, and violent god. How much more I should [be willing to give my life] for Jehovah, who is loving and who is so intimate?”

Padina now shares Christ throughout Iran and has developed an entire house church network. She serves as a leader for discipleship efforts in Iran and is passionate about training women leaders and expanding into surrounding Arab countries, where she says women are treated much worse than they are in Iran.

In the last two years, Padina has helped expand the ministry into Afghanistan and Pakistan, where there are now more than 70 small discipleship groups. Padina asks that you pray for her as she experiences several health challenges.

We first told Padina’s story in May 2013; this is the most recent update.

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