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Alimujiang Yimiti is a house church leader in China who has been in prison for over five years. Writing letters is a tremendous encouragement to imprisoned Christians and in some cases has led to their release.

Alimujiang’s Story

In September 2007, Chinese government officials closed Alimujiang Yimiti’s business and accused him of using it as a cover for ‘preaching Christianity among people of Uyghur ethnicity.’ He was arrested in January 2008 and accused of ‘subversion of the national government and endangering national security,’ a crime punishable by death.

On 6 August 2009, the Kashi District Intermediate Court secretly sentenced Alimujiang to 15 years imprisonment on charges of ‘illegally providing state secrets to foreign nationals.’ Alimujiang’s wife and lawyer were not notified of this sentence until 27 October 2009. They appealed the sentence.

Alimujiang’s appeal went before the Higher People’s Court of Xinjiang in November 2010, but the original sentence of 15 years imprisonment was upheld by the court.

Alimujiang converted to Christianity from Islam in 1995 and has been an active leader in the growing Uyghur church. Alimujiang is married to Gulinuer and they have two young boys. He remains in custody.

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Latest News: Family Visits Reduced

Prison officials recently informed Alimujiang’s wife, Gulinuer, that her monthly visits to the prison were being reduced to one visit every three months.

Gulinuer went to visit her husband on 23 January 2013 but was denied entry. Their last meeting in November 2012 lasted just 15 minutes. Since then, she has only spoken to her husband once by phone, on New Year’s Day.

Alimujiang’s lawyer believes the restrictions are illegal, since the normal allowance for prison visits is once per month.

Write a Letter to Alimujiang Yimiti

Writing letters is a tremendous encouragement to imprisoned Christians and in some cases has led to their release.

To write a letter to Alimujiang Yimiti simply download and print the Prisoner Profile below and write your message in the space provided. You can return it to Voice of the Martyrs or send it to Alimujiang directly.

Download Alimujiang Yimiti’s Prisoner Profile.

Alimujiang Yimiti Section 11 The Xinjiang No. 3 Prison No. 1339, Dongzhan Road Urumqi City Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region 830013 People’s Republic of China

Thank you for supporting our persecuted brother imprisoned in China.