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On 4 March, gunmen killed at least 16 people in a horrific attack on a Christian care home in the city of Aden. The home, which provides compassionate care and ministry to its elderly and disabled residents, is operated by a Christian charity organisation founded by Mother Teresa.

The fatalities include four missionaries — two from Rwanda, one from India, and one from Kenya — along with several other workers, including at least five from Ethiopia. The whereabouts of the Indian pastor based at the home is unknown and a cause for concern.

Although Aden, the Yemeni capital, was recaptured from Houthi militants by forces loyal to President Hadi last July, the country is still in the grip of lawlessness and conflict. Extremist groups such as Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula remain at large.

Sources: Middle East Concern, Release International

Prayer Points

• Please uphold the families, friends and colleagues of those murdered in this recent attack; ask God to provide them the comfort, presence and peace of our Lord Jesus.
• Pray the remaining believers in Yemen receive His protection and guidance in every aspect of their lives and Christian witness.
• May the perpetrators of this horrific crime be convicted by the Holy Spirit of their grievous sin and, as a result, earnestly seek God’s forgiveness and the new life He offers through His Son.

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