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VOM’s international projects are overseen by our local contacts or are achieved in cooperation with partner ministries. These select examples have been chosen to provide an overview of how Voice of the Martyrs encouraged and assisted persecuted Christians with the help of our supporters in 2020.

This fund helps VOM to print and distribute Bibles to believers who reside in restricted nations, where Bibles are difficult to obtain.

This includes producing New Testaments and complete Bibles in both print and digital formats as well as Bible commentaries and inspirational Christian training material.

China (Communist world) – Gospel tracts

Fifty thousand Gospel tracts were distributed by believers from 80 different churches in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia. These tracts were used in street evangelism and at Gospel meetings. During the pandemic, people were fearful and many became open to hearing the message of Good News. Our contacts saw an increase in baptisms of 30% over previous years.
Funds provided: $7,000

Egypt (Muslim world) – Bible distribution

Many people in Egypt are hungry for the Word of God. Five thousand Bibles were distributed in Cairo, Alexandria and El Minya by trained evangelists to new believers, as well as Muslims, nominal Christians and atheists.
Funds provided: $29,730

Iran (Muslim world) – Bible smuggling

Many people in Iran are disillusioned with Islam; they hunger for the Word of God and the request for Bibles is higher than it’s ever been. Through our mission partners, we contributed to the cost of supplying around 32,000 Bibles for Iran.
Funds provided: $36,710