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Serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.



IRAN: Saeed Abedini’s Imprisonment Marks Grim Milestone

American Pastor Saeed Abedini has now spent over 1000 days in captivity in Iran – nearly three years suffering in prison – separated from his wife, Naghmeh, and their two young children. Pastor Saeed has endured much in the past 1000 days. He still suffers

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Forsaking Family for Christ

Bombs rain down on villagers in the Nuba Mountains each week as the Sudanese government continues its campaign to kill or expel the Nuba people. While many of the region’s residents are Muslim, a faithful remnant of Christians remains, unwilling to leave their homes and

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Pakistan’s Brick Kiln Martyrs

The terrified couple clung to each other inside their one-room home while the mob of angry Muslims outside shouted insults and threats: “They have burned the Holy Koran! We will teach them a lesson!” Shama cried as her husband, Shahzad, tightened his arms around her

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