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Serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.


INDIA: Family of Christian Leader Killed by Militants

An entire community of believers is grief-stricken by the murder of Mohammad Yousf Bhat, a Christian convert from Islam who was shot to death at his home in Kashmir. On 1 July, four gunmen wearing uniforms and masks pushed their way into Yousf’s home before

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Asia Bibi

PAKISTAN: Asia Bibi’s Blasphemy Conviction Reviewed

Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruled to suspend Asia Bibi’s execution as they review her blasphemy conviction, which has had Bibi incarcerated for nearly five years. No hearing date has been set for the mother of five, who is the first woman to receive the death penalty

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CHINA: Fear of Religious Liberty Crackdown

New security laws recently passed by the Chinese government could further limit religious freedom on the Chinese mainland and beyond. China Aid warns that the wording of these new laws is “intentionally vague” and may prompt greater “persecution and abuse based on perceived threats to

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