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Serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.



NIGERIA: Happy to ‘Be Back’ But Talk of Captivity

The released 21 Chibok girls met President Buhari at his villa in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja on 19 October. The girls released by Boko Haram the week before, met President Buhari to thank him personally for his part in their release. Addressing a crowd at the

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IRAN: Pastor Behnam Irani Freed from Jail

Behnam Irani was released from prison last week being jailed for six years for leading a house church and sharing his faith. Behnam Irani of the self-styled Church of Iran was given a five-year suspended sentence in 2008, after he was charged with action against

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KYRGYZSTAN: Mob Twice Exhumes Body

On 14 and 17 October, mobs in two different villages of Kyrgyzstan’s western Jalal-Abad Region exhumed the body of deceased Protestant Kanygul Satybaldiyeva, a 76-year old member of Jesus Christ Protestant Church. They objected to the burial of a non-Muslim in public village cemeteries. Police

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North Korea: The Triumphant Church

Many describe North Korea as “the worst place in the world to be a Christian.” But Eric Foley, the leader of VOM Korea, tells us that North Korean Christians don’t say that! Instead they focus on serving Jesus Christ in spite of watchful government eyes

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IRAN: Three Christians Conditionally Released

Iranian Christians are pleased to report that three of the five men arrested at a picnic in August have been conditionally released, and request prayer for them and for the release of the two still detained. On Friday 26 August Ramiel Bet Tamraz, Amin Nader

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