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Serving the persecuted church with practical and spiritual assistance and leading Christians in the free world into fellowship with persecuted believers.



EGYPT: Coptic Church Reopens after Bombing

A Coptic cathedral has been restored and reopened eight months after a suicide bombing destroyed it on Palm Sunday killing 28 and injuring 74 others. St George’s Cathedral in Tanta, the capital of the Gharbia governorate north of Cairo, has been renamed the Cathedral of

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PAKISTAN: Mentally Ill Christian Man Held in Jail

A Pakistani Christian man with mental health issues who was arrested on the day of his son’s funeral has been charged with blasphemy and is being held in custody. Iqbal Masih, 65, who is a retired father of nine, and is from Fazlia Colony, Lahore,

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BANGLADESH: Pray for Imam Fedu, a New Christian Convert

Imam Fedu, a Muslim scholar and teacher in Bangladesh, recently placed his faith in Christ after receiving a Christian tract and hearing the Gospel from a Christian worker. “Jesus is the Saviour,” Fedu said. He immediately resigned from his Muslim work and made plans to

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PAKISTAN: Misuse of the Blasphemy Law

Members of a Pakistani parliamentary committee have said it is necessary to prevent the misuse of the blasphemy law. Last Thursday the chairwoman of the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights, Senator Nasreen Jalil, said innocent people have suffered and been wrongly accused of blasphemy.

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ERITREA: Pray for Arrested Christian Students

Sixteen Christian students were arrested earlier this month, the latest in a series of arrests since May 2017. The students, who were arrested after being discovered praying together, were held for more than two weeks before being released. Nearly 200 Christians have reportedly been arrested

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