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Join Voice of the Martyrs Australia for a weekly radio programme as we bring a voice to persecuted Christians. Tune in each week via Apple Podcasts, Spotify or SoundCloud to hear news, interviews and updates on our Christian brothers and sisters in restricted nations.

Hosted by the VOM Oz team in our Sydney studio, we’ll give insights into how we support persecuted Christians and how you can partner with us.

“Not all of us are called to die a martyr’s death, but all of us are called to have the same spirit of self-sacrifice and love to the very end as these martyrs had.” – Richard Wurmbrand


Latest Episodes

VOM Oz Radio interview with Truman
This week VOM Oz Radio Interviewed Truman, a front line worker and VOM partner, on current persecution in Vietnam.

CEO Tony Benjamin interview with Homero Aziz
Voice of the Martyrs Australia, CEO Tony Benjamin interview with Homero Aziz, a VOM partner based in Jordan.

Homero and Tony discuss persecution in the Middle East and how COVID-19 is impacting the lives of Christians there.

Missions: The Bravest People in the World
“Uncle Monnie” has ministered in more than 150 countries, including many hostile and restricted nations where Christians are persecuted. He serves not as a “father” to persecuted-church pastors, but as an “uncle,” one who comes alongside and encourages, but isn’t the decision-making authority figure.

Iran Prisoner: “By God’s Grace I Endured”
Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian convert from Islam, has been in and out of prison in Iran since 2011. Last year he completed his most recent prison sentence, but instead of being set free and allowed to go home, Ebrahim has been banished to internal exile in Sarbaz, a city near the border with Pakistan. All of these punishments are a direct result of Ebrahim’s conversion from Islam to follow Jesus and his faithful witness for Christ.

This week, speaking from exile, Ebrahim shares his testimony and gives an update on his life today and God’s faithfulness during his time in prison. Multiple times, Ebrahim was given the opportunity to renounce Christ and go free; each time he refused to compromise. “I could never turn my back on my faith,” Ebrahim says. “By God’s grace I endured a few years in prison in exchange for an eternity with Him.”

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