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Emergency Response Afghanistan

Many Christian Afghans are stuck in dangerous situations both in Afghanistan and in surrounding countries. These Christians, many of them with young children, fled for their lives taking just what they could carry.

There are 260 such people who urgently need our help. They are needing assistance with visas and passports, daily sustenance while they await their travel confirmation, safe accommodation, medical help and resettlement assistance to safe haven countries.

Please partner with us as we prayerfully work to bring these fellow believers to safety.

Latest news and updates

1 July 2022 – Afghanistan Project Update

When the Taliban took control of Kabul, Afghanistan last August, the terror didn’t end there. Although the eyes of the world have turned their attention to the war in Ukraine and other crises, the danger that Afghans are facing—especially Christians—continues.




Emergency Response Afghanistan – Urgent Update

Initially our project partners identified 264 of the most vulnerable Christians known by the Taliban. They’ve been hunted relentlessly and have been in constant and ongoing danger.




6  April – Afghanistan Update



AFGHAN UPDATE: CEO of Voice of the Martyrs - campaign to evacuate 260 Christians

by Voice of the Martyrs

28  March – Afghanistan Update

As the war in Ukraine continues to captivate the attention of the world, the mainstream media have all but forgotten the ongoing threat to many in Afghanistan. Many Christian Afghans are stuck in dangerous situations both in Afghanistan and in surrounding countries.


Pray for Afghanistan

The greatest gift we can give to those in Afghanistan are our prayers!


In Afghanistan there are no church buildings. Cultural and religious opposition to the Gospel as well as significant security issues remain great challenges for all missions efforts in this Central Asian nation. And sadly, most Afghans have never heard the Gospel, do not know a Christian and have been indoctrinated to follow Mohammad’s teachings without question. Radical Islam and violent tribal political activity make the nation a difficult and dangerous place for Christians to practise their faith. There is, nevertheless, a special unity among Christians labouring for the Gospel in Afghanistan.


99.8% of Afghans are Muslims, with 90% Sunni and 10% Shiite.


Both local and national governments are highly antagonistic toward Christians. Extremist groups, including the Taliban and the self-proclaimed Islamic State (ISIS), are active, and believers are also persecuted by their families, friends and communities.

Five Ways to Pray for Afghanistan


The situation on the ground is fluid right now. Pray for God’s protection over His people. Pray also for his presence to be felt. (Hebrews 13:5)


Ask God to bless our brothers and sisters with discernment as they decide whether to stay or go and even with whom they should talk. (Matthew 10:16)


Believers in Afghanistan often must keep their faith a secret — even from family members. Pray that God will help each Afghan believer to connect and fellowship with at least one other believer in person, by phone or through some other technology. Pray that God will remind them that they are not alone, but are part of the global body of Christ. (1 Corinthians 12:20;26)


Pray that God will provide safe passage to those who feel led by God to leave Afghanistan and provide for their immediate needs in their new location. (Exodus 19:4)


The Taliban claim to be ‘true Muslims’, strictly adhering to Sharia (Islamic law). As Muslims in Afghanistan see this cruel face of Islam, pray that they will be drawn to Jesus Christ, the shepherd Saviour who doesn’t oppress but instead chose to lay down His life for His sheep. (Colossians 4:3)

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